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How much should Professional Christmas Light Installation Cost?

Each year charlotteELF sends out several hundred custom quote requests. For many consumers, cost can be the main deciding factor whether to hire a professional holiday lighting company, or a tradesperson simply "hanging lights" for supplemental income during their companies off season. For others, safety, quality and top end design is paramount to choosing a holiday lighting professional.

charlotteELF is dedicated to providing premium design, installation, and top level service to our clientele. But what about those other guys that had a cheaper price? Well, to start, what is the businesses primary function? Do they cut grass, paint houses, pressure wash, clean gutters, or do handyman services? What interest do they have in Christmas and Holiday Lighting? They may advertise they have insurance, but do they carry the proper insurance for the job? Are they experienced in holiday lighting design, installation techniques, and overall aesthetics? Are the products they use actually commercial rated product? How do they show up to a job, and are they company employees or subcontractors? Do they come back if there is a maintenance issue, or return for end of season takedowns? These are just a few questions many of our clients asked, and after careful decision making, they chose charlotteELF.

charlotteELF is a holiday centric company, built for serving our valued clients during the most wonderful time of the year. charlotteELF is a company that is 110% Christmas lighting and holiday event services. charlotteELF carries the proper insurance for our industry and job specialties. charlotteELF was formed solely for the holiday season, and has no interest in being a secondary offering to another business we own. One of the owners has been installing Christmas lights from the age of 16, and his house has always been the most lit of the neighborhood, a feat only Clark Griswold would be proud of. charlotteELF does not sell or rent lighting products to our customers, we provide lighting, decor, and greenery as part of our service offerings. charlotteELF is well established, we live in the neighborhoods we serve, our kids attend the community schools, and we won't hire subcontractors. Our goal is not to be the largest volume lighting company, but the best in the Charlotte-Weddington-Waxhaw area for years to come.

So what about pricing? We aren't the cheapest nor the highest priced.. You won't see an entry level price advertisement for less than the cost of our premium commercial products we install. charlotteELF does not install customer owned product for liability and reliability reasons. charlotteELF duty cycles all of our strands and bulbs on an annual basis. All of our product is tested before and after the season for wear, tear, and lumen depreciation. Our product is stored in a climate controlled warehouse. charlotteELF offers clients the ability to change color schemes on a yearly basis and add or delete lighting as they plan for the holidays. charlotteELF will not place workers on a clients roof for safety and property damage concerns. charlotteELF owns a 61' aerial lift for all of our elevation work. charlotteELF has a 35 year veteran electrician on staff, and safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our pricing is based on a tiered system for October through December, mainly due to our installation schedule being limited to around 6-8 weeks. We highly encourage clientele to get on our schedules as early as possible to ensure timely installation before the holidays. The early bird does in fact get the worm when it comes to holiday lighting, whereas our pricing structure is less in Aug-Sept than it is in October, November and December. Each year we get dozens of calls asking us to install lighting after another vendor disappeared on the client or they were grossly behind on project scheduling. Everyone who is late to the Christmas lighting game, tends to request lighting be installed before thanksgiving or within the week after. Each year we work with returning clients to get their lighting installed from October 15-November 7th, and each year our schedules fill faster than the year before. Don't wait! Call today!

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