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About charlotteELF

"We live and work in our community"

charlotteELF has always operated under strong values aimed at exceeding client expectations. Our communication channels are always open—our relationship with our clients begins on the first day of contact, and we are proud that our clients refer us to others on a regular basis. 

When you hire our services, you can count on us for the results you want and need. We live in Waxhaw, and are proud to work in our community as a local business. Get in touch today, and discover the advantages of working with charlotteELF.





Design Services

All client bids will receive a preliminary design concept, not just a few scribbled lines on a photo. While the design won't look exactly like the finished product, our goal is to show lighting concepts and placement on the front elevation and landscape.

Installation, Removal & Storage

Our clients are our number one priority, and we make the effort to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our work. From the initial design, to the installation, maintenance , takedown, and storage, we handle all facets of the decorating phase.

Commercial & Municipal

Do you have a project or idea that you would like to bring to life? We provide our clients with a wide range of services at competitive market rates. If you’re looking for an experienced and insured provider for your next project, please get in touch today.  Most of our design and planning processes for commercial and municipal clients starts just after the new year, so let's get started!



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